What Are Some Creative Slogans?


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Some creative slogans include "Life's good" by the LG brand and "Think different" by Apple. Other creative slogans are "American by birth, rebel by choice" by Harley Davidson, "The customer is always and completely right" by Marks Spencer, "Save money, live better" by Walmart, "Quality never goes out of style" by Levi's and "Melts in your mouth, not in your hands" by M & M.

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To write a memorable and creative slogan, be succinct in the presentation. Try to summarize the brand and its products as briefly and memorably as possible, especially in regards to the services or products offered. Once a certain message or theme is established, be consistent in the delivery and future changes to the slogan. Focus on the qualities that make the brand different from other brands in the same field, and try to depict them in the slogan.

Make the slogan timeless by applying it to a central theme, and try to avoid specifics that may relate to certain events, eras or areas. Plan ahead for the target audience, and perform extensive testing to get the best possible feedback on the slogan. Whenever possible, make it a group effort, and brainstorm with trusted advisers to get second opinions on the brand's slogan.

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