What Are Some Creative Ideas for Screen Names?


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Ideas for creative screen names can be found by running your likes, interests, and name through a screen name generator or by using a random word generator. These can be expanded upon or improved by looking up potential words in a thesaurus or translating them into a different language.

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Strong keywords are important when creating a unique and creative screen name. One way to achieve this is to use one's personal goals or experience. Professional, teacher, traveler, CEO or other job titles could all be intriguing words to make a screen name stand out.

Popular names used for dating or social websites often consist of words describing personal values and/or likes. For example: ReligiousGamerDogLover or HopelessRomanticFoodie. These are silly yet smart ways to open doors for common interests and conversation starters.

When creating a professional screen name, likes and interests are less important. In this scenario, it is better to use power words, goals, locations or business titles. Examples of these are SmithExecutive, NewYorkProfessional, SmithSuccessWorker, etc. One last way to help with the creation of a creative screen name is to look up any potential words in a thesaurus or translate them into a different language. The more unique the word, the easier it is to spot.

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