What Are Some Creative Ideas for School Diorama Projects?


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Some creative ideas for a school diorama project are a recreation of a cityscape or a particular aspect of the ocean. Another interesting idea is to capture some aspect of astronomy, such as a supernova or constellation.

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For a diorama of a cityscape, the easiest cities to recreate are those with distinct skylines, such as New York City, Chicago, London or Paris. Small cereal boxes are a good size to use when cutting out buildings to an appropriate scale. The buildings include paint to create doors, windows and building corners. Roadways, trees and model cars are added to complete the look of a city. The top of the diorama is blue with cotton representing clouds.

Oceanscape dioramas focus on either life or vegetation underwater. Different shades of blue blended together make a good background, with various colored construction paper cut into shapes resembling seaweed, coral and other underwater structures. Fishing line creates an invisible handling tool for any sea creatures. Clear plastic wrap covers the front of the diorama for an added effect.

Depending on the scene depicted, some good materials to use for an astronomy-themed diorama are small foam balls in various sizes for stars and planets and fishing line or clear plastic anchors. The box is painted in black, blue, purple, pink and orange with white dots to resemble a galactic background sprinkled with stars. Some easy constellations to depict are the Big Dipper and Little Dipper, while some intricate constellations are Orion or Cassiopeia.

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