What Are Some Creative Ideas for an Elementary School Yearbook?


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One creative idea for an elementary school yearbook is to style the yearbook like a comic book, according to TreeRing. Yearbook designers can emphasize the theme by taking pictures of students dressed up as heroes such as "The Great Mathlete" and featuring them inside the book.

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Another creative idea for an elementary school yearbook is to have a musical theme. This includes using musical symbols on the cover and throughout the book. Designers could include lyrics from popular songs organized into student-friendly themes, such as "Seasons of Love" for songs focusing on the passage of time.

One offbeat idea is to design the yearbook as a "Choose Your Own Adventure" book. For this theme, designers leave "choices" for the reader on select pages of the yearbook that lead them to different fates. For example, a football page may ask readers to choose if they scored the final touchdown, sprained an ankle or caught the last pass, with each option instructing them to turn to a different page to see what happens next.

An artistic option is to design the book with a "draw your own conclusion" theme. For this approach, the yearbook cover should have a sketchpad pattern complete with unfinished drawings. To further this theme, designers can have students draw self-portraits and display them side-by-side with their photos in the yearbook.

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