What Are Some Creative Ideas for Classroom Bulletin Boards?


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One creative idea for a classroom bulletin board is to turn it into a game for students to play, including puzzles and clues related to the week's classes for students to try to figure out, suggests Learn NC. Some other creative ideas include using the bulletin board to display students' art projects, decorations related to an upcoming holiday or season or creating a motivational bulletin board to highlight students' achievements.

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Using the bulletin board to feature an interactive game both entertains students and reinforces the concepts taught in a class. For example, the teacher can do a type of "Wheel of Fortune" game where words related to class concepts are placed on the board with some missing letters that students need to fill in, notes Learn NC. In addition to including this game, the teacher can decorate the board with visuals related to the unit, including maps, photos, poems and famous sayings.

Teachers can hang brightly colored art projects on bulletin boards to showcase students' work. To be even more creative, teachers can use string and clothespins to hang up work rather than taping or pinning it down, states TeacherVision. If there is an upcoming holiday, the teacher can feature holiday-related art projects along with pictures, banners and other decorations for that holiday.

To design a bulletin board that is both creative and motivational, a teacher can use a combination of class pictures, a graph showing how the class is meeting its goals, a student of the week and student work, suggests Learn NC.

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