What Are Some Creative Ideas for Classroom Brain Breaks?


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Some creative ideas for classroom brain breaks include having children watch videos, playing games that require kids to use their imaginations and using visualization exercises to help kids relax. Creative brain breaks can help children re-energize themselves and regain concentration so that they can be attentive in class afterwards, notes Scholastic.com.

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Having children watch videos that get them active and allow them to have some fun is a creative way to help kids reduce their stress and get focused, mentions LearningStationMusic.com. Learning Station's website offers more than 30 free videos that get children doing dances like the body boogie, side slide, rumba and hokey pokey along with robotic and various hip-hop styles. There are also exercise videos that encourage kids to clap their hands, stomp their feet and raise their arms as well as videos suitable for meditation and relaxation.

There are also several creative games teachers can use. Some of these include having kids come up with silly stories, playing rock-paper-scissors with math problems instead of the traditional gestures, playing Simon Says and Follow the Leader and letting kids pretend to be animals or book characters, suggests Scholastic.com.

Having kids do visualization exercises is another creative idea for classroom brain breaks and is especially helpful when kids are frustrated and distracted, notes Edutopia.org. For example, teachers can have kids visualize themselves inhaling and exhaling colors, relax certain parts of the body or listen to calming sounds.

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