What Are Some Creative Elementary Science Projects?


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Examples of creative elementary school science projects include making a lemon battery, a three-dimensional model of the sun or a bird feeder. Other projects include making an erupting volcano or an Alka-Seltzer film canister.

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Students can make a battery out of a lemon by using two strips of metal and creating a chemical reaction inside of the lemon. This project demonstrates the concepts of electrical currents, electrons and electrodes. Materials for the project include 18-gauge copper wire, a pair of wire strippers and a steel paper clip or zinc-coated galvanized nail.

Making a three-dimensional solar model requires problem-solving skills and teaches students the different layers and zones of the sun. The project also teaches students the size, temperature and composition of the sun. The necessary materials for the project include one yellow paper lantern, a poster board, one LED light and other classroom supplies.

To make carton bird feeders, students need an empty milk or juice container, scissors, a piece of wire and a wooden dowel or pencil. A paintbrush and paints are also necessary to camouflage the bird feeder from squirrels, cats and other predators. The carton feeder project develops learning and building skills, and it provides a creative way to learn about bird nutrition and habitat.

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