What Are Some Creative Business Names?

What Are Some Creative Business Names?

Some creative business names involve a clever play on words, such as the Chinese restaurant named Wok This Way, the hair salon called Curl Up & Dye, a clothing boutique called Frisky Business, a fish-and-chips place named A Salt and Battery and a record shop called Vinyl Resting Place. Other creatively named businesses include Cycloanalysts, a bicycle store, It’s Curtains for You, an upholstery shop, The Merchant of Tennis, a sporting goods store and Shear Madness, a hair salon.

Entrepreneurs can get ideas for their business names from the offers presented on the site. When a company owner is choosing a name, he should select one that stands out from the others in that same field. When considering a name, the business owner should find a niche or specialty for which he is proficient. Furthermore, he should focus on ways to develop the brand of the business. Branding includes coordinating the message of the business, logo and purpose.

Other creative business names are more extreme, flirting with adult topics and innuendo, such as an ice cream shop named Spoon Me and another one called Smitten. Or a plant store called The Pot Lady. The coffee brand I Have a Bean is another out-there example.

A small segment of creative business names derive their inspiration from popular TV titles and movie names, such as a gardening enterprise named Lawn Order, a bar called Tequila Mockingbird, a laundry and dry cleaning establishment known as Soapranos and a Chinese eatery with the name, Miami Rice.

Some creative names in big business include online retail giant Amazon, with the A-to-Z of its name signifying the all encompassing nature of its inventory; tech leader Google, a corruption of the term "googol," a gargantuan number; programming language Java, named by its highly caffeinated creators after the coffee-producing Indonesian island; and social media front-runner Twitter, named for a word defined in the dictionary as a succession of chirping sounds.