How Do You Create Worksheets on Transition Words?

How Do You Create Worksheets on Transition Words?

Ideas for worksheets on transition words include identifying them, correcting the mistakes, using transition words to complete a sentence, and connecting given sentences with transition words. Worksheets practicing transition words often focus on a theme, such as ones for essays or summaries.

Probably the simplest worksheet idea for transition words is having students identify them. For this exercise, teachers create a list of sentences that include transition words. Students go through and circle each one.

Another idea for a transition word worksheet is having students correct transition-word mistakes. For example, student see the sentence, "We arrived late at the movie; however, we missed the first 30 minutes." The transition word "however" is incorrect because it indicates contrast. Students would have to replace the word with one such as "indeed," which is a clarification transition.

Students should be encouraged to use transition words in worksheets. For example, teachers give them sentence stems such as, "The dog barked all night." Students use a transition word and complete the sentence. Alternatively, teachers give them two sentences that need connecting with transition words.

To emphasize certain types of transition words, teachers can create a worksheet with only those transition words in place. For example, students get a worksheet with only sequence words, and they have to use them to tell a story.