How Do You Create a Whitepaper?

How Do You Create a Whitepaper?

To write a good white paper, it is important for the writer to be knowledgeable about the topic of the paper, to include suitable illustrations, to achieve an appropriate word count, to maintain a professional tone in the writing, and to write a comprehensive and captivating summary. Close cooperation with the contracting party and repeated proofreading are also vital for successful work.

The knowledge of the author and the research made prior to writing the paper are important, as the ideal white paper catches the interest of both business-oriented and technically-oriented individuals. Incorporating a case study into the paper shows the author and his company are knowledgeable about practical solutions.

The average length of a white paper is 10 pages, and this length typically allows the author to provide the information needed to make a point.

Graphical depictions of the data discussed in the paper help to keep the readers interested, while also making the writing more comprehensible. The images in a white paper are usually black and white. The most commonly used images are graphs, tables, charts and workflow diagrams.

The summary usually serves as the abstract description in an Internet search and is vital in order to grab a reader's attention.