How do you create a thesis statement?


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To create a thesis statement, concentrate first on defining your viewpoint. Then study your source materials to identify and organize evidence to support your viewpoint. In a sentence, summarize and explain the point you plan to make in the essay. This is your thesis statement.

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  1. Develop a working thesis

    A thesis statement guides the thinking, exposition and organization of an entire essay. Several attempts to focus and explain your thesis statement to yourself are often required before it is ready to present to an audience. Once you understand the point you plan to make and you can write it down in a sentence, then you have developed a working thesis.

  2. Clarify your thesis

    During the writing process, expect your thesis statement to change, even if only slightly. As you clarify your thinking, based on evidence you plan to present in support of your main point, your thesis statement become more polished as well.

  3. Reformulate and adjust your thesis as necessary

    Plenty of thinking leads to better focused thesis statements and better writing. Allow yourself time to consider your thesis from several angles before committing to it. Also, allow yourself time to reconsider the evidence you have based it on in terms of quality.

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