How Do You Create a Thesis?

How Do You Create a Thesis?

Students can formulate a thesis by determining what type of paper they are writing. With that said, they usually just need to state the topic, express their opinion about the topic and provide strong reasons to support their assertion.

Students can start working on a thesis statement by reading the prompt and answering the question. The thesis statement often appears at the end of the first paragraph of the paper because it tells the audience what to expect from the rest of the essay.

A thesis must be specific, directly answer the question posed and only cover what the writer discusses in the paper. Vague statements do not make strong thesis statements. Likewise, statements that do not connect to a larger issue would also make weak thesis statements. Students who are done with their paper can revisit their thesis to make sure that the body of the essay fits well with the thesis they developed in the first paragraph.

Students who are writing an analytical thesis statement should break down an issue into its component parts, evaluate the idea, analyze the content and present this information to the audience. An expository statement merely explains an idea to the reader.

In an argumentative paper, on the other hand, a thesis makes a claim about an issue and supports this claim with compelling evidence. This claim could be an interpretation, an evaluation, a proposal or a cause-and-effect statement. The objective of an argumentative thesis is to persuade the audience that the claim is true, based on the supporting evidence presented.