How Do You Create a Team Name?

To create a team name, discuss name ideas with team members and look for a name that accurately describes the team. Common sources of inspiration for team names include colors, locations and animals. Consider how the team is going to use the name during the process, and check with authority figures regarding names as necessary.

Discussing name ideas with team members makes everyone feel like their opinions are valued and helps avoid upsetting team members by including them in the process. Team members tend to connect more with names that describe the team over generic names. For example, a team name with the word "creative" fits a team of graphic designers, while a sports team with many fast team members may like a name that references speed, such as the Rockets.

The purpose of the name determines appropriate name choices. If the team is part of a business or a serious sports league, a serious name is more appropriate than a funny name. For recreational sports leagues and other more relaxed environments, the team may be able to choose a funny name. The team should consult with any authority figures, such as managers, regarding whether a name is appropriate. If the team has sponsors, it should check with them before choosing a name, as the sponsor may want to approve the name or even be included in the name.