How Do You Create a Teacher Field Trip Permission Form?


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To create a teacher field trip permission form, include details such as the date, time and location of the field trip. Explain all activities in which the child may participate, and let parents know what their children need to bring for a successful, enjoyable day. Include a tear-off portion at the bottom of the slip that allows the parent to give permission and provide emergency contact information. Reserve a space for any notes regarding the child's medications or dietary restrictions.

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Teacher field trip permission forms are either general or aimed for informed consent. General forms intend to relieve the school of any liability if a child is injured during a field trip, even in cases of negligence. Informed consent slips explicitly explain the activities of the field trip and any risks involved. Signing an informed consent form relieves the school of any responsibility if the child is hurt while being supervised. However, if the child was not supervised, the school may be held liable for his injuries.

A signed field trip permission form authorizes the school to seek medical attention for a child if he is injured during the excursion. Allergies and any prescribed medications should be indicated, and the name and number of the child's personal doctor should be included. For trips longer than a school day or those that take the child to another city or state, notarization of the permission slip may be required.

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