How Do You Create Student Progress Reports?


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To create a student progress report, use a spreadsheet software program, such as Microsoft Excel or iWork Numbers. Add a heading at the top of the page, and write the name of the school, the grade or class name and the name of the teacher. Enter a space, and create a line for the student's name and a line for the date. On the date line, format the cells using the format tool box and date layout.

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Create a new section for the assignments, separating homework, essays, projects, quizzes and tests. Create headings for each type of assignment, and add a list of three columns for each assignment. The first column is for the name of each assignment, while the second is for the grade or points earned, and the third is for the total points possible.

Enter the appropriate formula for the software used to add up or average the grades in a cell dedicated to the grade total. Enter the grades, and check the total to ensure it is correct. Add a section for the total grade of the semester or year so far that includes sections with grades for each reporting period. The final cell requires a formula that totals or averages those grades.

Create progress reports for each student using separate sheets on the same document. Copy the first page to the following sheets, and add each student's name to the heading section. Add the appropriate grade information for each student, and save the spreadsheet. Add a section below the grades for any notes or additional information. Print the spreadsheet.

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