How Do You Create Science Fair Boards?

How Do You Create Science Fair Boards?

There are a variety of ways to create science fair boards. After reading the requirements provided by the science fair, one way to create a science fair board is to get a standard trifold cardboard poster, plan and organize the board's layout, and then create the sections.

  1. Read the science fair rules

    Read and follow the science fair requirements. Science fairs can differ on allowed materials and board size.

  2. Get a cardboard trifold poster

    The three-panel folding cardboard can be found at any location where school supplies are sold. The poster should not be wooden or flimsy.

  3. Plan and organize the poster's layout

    Organize the science fair board into sections that match the organization of the report. Using a computer, print all text for sections in a font that is legible from a distance. To prevent running or smeared ink, use a laser printer. Organize the sections in a logical manner.

  4. Create a title

    Create an accurate and descriptive title for the science fair project. Place the title on the board. Titles are often placed in the center top.

  5. Create a section for the purpose

    The purpose section is also known as the background or introduction. Tell the reader the purpose of the experiment.

  6. Create a section for the hypothesis

    Tell the reader the hypothesis of your project. Avoid using unnecessary words.

  7. Create a section for the materials and methods

    List the materials used during the project. Describe the steps taken during the experiment. Pictures are good to include here.

  8. Create a section for data

    Show information gathered from the procedure. Though not necessary, a table or graph is expected for this section.

  9. Create a section for the results

    Show the significance of the information within the data section.

  10. Create a section for the conclusion

    Using the information from the data and results, describe the comparison to the hypothesis. Answer whether or not the hypothesis is supported.

  11. Create a section for the references

    Cite the references involved in the project. Some science fairs prefer the references printed out on a separate sheet of paper.