How Do You Create a Project Rubric?

How Do You Create a Project Rubric?

Creating a rubric for a project involves identifying the purpose of the assignment, defining the criteria for assessment and designing the rating scale. From there, produce the rubric itself.

To create an effective project rubric, first define the objective of the assignment. Next, think about what an outstanding example of the project looks like. Additionally, decide on either a holistic or analytical rubric. Holistic rubrics focus on what students can demonstrate, while analytical rubrics concentrate on demonstration of the assignment's benchmarks.

Next, define the grading criteria for the project by deciding what demonstrates each level of work. Assign a rating scale to each level of the rubric. It's important that each description is observable and measurable. Likewise, each level of proficiency should relate directly back to the project's stated objective. Rating scales typically consist of three to five levels.

After that, write a description for each level in each skill set. Write the language at the students' level. Likewise, use parallel language at each level, meaning the wording and syntax are similar.

Finally, create the rubric itself. Most rubrics come in the form of a table. It's possible to create the rubric as a Word document. Alternatively, use an online rubric generator, such as or Some online rubrics generators allow teachers to save their rubrics for future modification.