How Do You Create a Paper Online?


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In order to create an online document, a browser-based word processor program, such as Google Docs, must be used. To access Google Docs, enter the link docs.google.com into the address bar, and then click on the blue plus sign in the bottom-right corner to create a new document.

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When using Google Docs, there are various things to consider in the process of creating a paper. One consideration is that, depending on the type of paper being written, various format changes may need to be made. To make such changes, individuals need to only interact with the menu bar presented towards the top of the page. The menu bar contains various formatting options, such as font, page orientation and line spacing, which can all be used for simple formatting. However, for more complex formatting situations, such as in the case of creating an MLA format paper, one would simply click the format icon at the very top of the page and adjust the settings to match the desired format. In addition to multiple formatting options, Google Docs also has an array of helpful tools for revising a paper, such as spell check and grammar check, which automatically identify any spelling or grammar mistakes.

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