How Do You Create an Outline for an Engaging Book Review?


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To create an outline for an engaging book review, first take notes while reading the book, keeping track of pacing, story development, characters, themes and metaphors. Write an outline summarizing what the story is about, as well as details concerning the plot that move the story along, such as story twists or any time a character overcomes an obstacle. Follow this with outlines for each of the main characters, with subheadings containing their goals, development and believability in the story.

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Write out questions you want to address in your review, and arrange each question in the order in which you want to address it. Begin to create an outline for each question using the information from the initial summaries to support your answers to the questions. Add any additional subheadings needed to address specifics not explained by the other outline information.

Address issues such as whether the plot moves quickly, or if the story line is complex or interesting. Discuss any secondary story lines and how they correlate to the main story. Consider answering questions a general audience is interested in knowing. A book summary uses personal opinion, so discuss your impressions, but use examples to back up those impressions. Wrap up the outline with a questions concerning whether the book is entertaining, what the author's skill level is and if you recommend the book to others.

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