How Do You Create an Online Semester Timetable?

How Do You Create an Online Semester Timetable? allows you to build your school schedule online. Each column represents a day of the week, and each row represents a time slot. The default schedule includes Monday to Friday, but Saturday and Sunday are automatically added if you add a course that runs on the weekend.

To begin, type the name of your schedule in the "Schedule Title" bar. Then, click on the "Add Course" button the side panel. The pop-up allows you to add all the necessary information for one course. Repeat this step until all of your courses have been added. If you want to change the information of a course after adding it, you can click on the "Edit Course" button. The "Delete Course" button allows you to remove a course from your schedule.

When your schedule is complete, you may print it immediately or save it as an image file onto your computer. If you plan on editing this schedule in the future, you can use the "Export Schedule" button to save a copy of your schedule in a file format that is compatible to the website. To use that file, click on the "Import Schedule" button, and drag the file into the box.