How Do You Create Measurement Worksheets?

How Do You Create Measurement Worksheets?

To create measurement worksheets, teachers can use online generators such as the ones provided by, and Using a measurement generator is a fast way to make various types of worksheets that can include converting between different measuring units, including pounds to ounces, feet to inches or meters to millimeters.

Instead of making a worksheet from scratch, teachers can opt to use a measurement unit generator. Once teachers locate online resources that offer these free generators, they can create a measurement worksheet in a few minutes. Follow the steps below to create worksheets.

  1. Find a measurement generator
  2. Go to and choose the specific type of measuring unit worksheet needed such as the "liquid measurement quiz worksheet." Click on the worksheet found at the provided web page, which leads to a second page.

  3. Select the parameters and information requested
  4. Choose the title for the worksheet from the options provided. Place a check mark next to the different conversion units desired for the quiz, such as pints and quarts, pints and gallons or cups and fluid ounces. Select the language for the quiz and place a check mark next to the answer key button to generate an answer key for the quiz. Click on the Create It button, right-click on the generated quiz worksheet and then choose Print to print it out.

The generated worksheet also has sections at the top of the page for the student's name, grade level, teacher name and grade. provides many other different measurement worksheets, including reading tape measures in different units and measuring in the metric system.