How Do You Create Math Lessons for Preschoolers?


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Preschool math is the foundation of all math skills. Preschool math lessons do not need to be written on worksheets. Instead, create math lessons by providing hands-on material that are used to teach visually.

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Math manipulatives are essential tools in helping preschoolers learn basic math skills. Bear counters are used to teach basic addition and subtraction. Give your child six bears, add three and have them count to see how many bears they have. Then, take away four and have them count again.

Peg boards with rubber bands let the child explore creating shapes like triangles, squares, rectangles and hexagons. Provide a handful of rubber bands and ask your child to see how many different shapes they can make. Pattern blocks are colored shapes that are used to create pictures or are sorted and counted. You can also create a variety of patterns with the pattern block, such as a square or triangle, and ask your child to continue the pattern. Then, have your child create their own patterns for you to continue.

Give your child a ruler and explain the units of measurement. Then, provide them with four or five items to measure and help them put the items in order from smallest to largest.

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