How Do You Create a Letter Template?

To create a letter template, open a word processing program, such as Microsoft Word, and select a new document. Create a letter template from an existing template within the program, revise a template to meet your specifications or design a letter template from a blank page.

For a letter template that models letterhead, view the header and footer and insert images or logos, and type the sender's information. Center the lettering or align it to the right or left side of the header, and select varying font types and sizes to customize the template design.

Common components of a letter template include a salutation, such as "Dear Mr. XYZ," and left-aligned, single-spaced paragraphs. Include sample text on the template, and use blank lines or brackets to indicate areas of the letter that require personalization. Type general information that is commonly included in the type of correspondence for which you plan to use your letter template, and type the sender's name at the bottom of the page. Leave a space for the sender's signature, or insert an electronic image of the signature.

Most business letters are limited to one page. Leave a space under the signature for a list of enclosures.