How Do You Create a Lesson Plan Template?


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To create a lesson plan template, teachers should note the intended class or subject at the top of the page and designate a time duration for the lesson. The template should provide a space for materials required, key vocabulary, a description of the lesson and objectives for the students.

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When using a lesson plan template, teachers can quickly fill in the name of the subject or course and the time designated for the lesson as well as any handouts, props or equipment needed to complete the lesson. Each lesson plan should include vocabulary terms or jargon the students are required to learn.

A brief overview of the lesson should be included for the description to help identify key tasks and serve as a guide for the teacher during the lesson. A list of the objectives helps to pinpoint what students are learning and goals for the assignment or activity. Teachers can also choose to align the objectives with state or national academic standards that must be met in each subject students are learning.

Lesson plan templates help teachers to organize and plan ahead before the school day so that teachers are not spending extra time retyping a lesson plan each evening.

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