How Do You Create a Journaling Bible?


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To create a journaling Bible, choose a notebook no smaller than a composition book. Leave the first few pages blank, and then number the rest. The blank pages at the front become the table of contents. Fill these pages with the letters of the alphabet, and when a journaling topic is complete, write a summary and the page numbers under the letter for quick reference in the future.

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Bible journals can include several things to further Bible study. Notes from weekly church sermons can be recorded, as well as direct transcriptions from the Bible. Information collected while studying particular books or verses of the Bible can be added. Individual studies of words with which the owner would like to become more familiar are also acceptable additions.

The goal of a Bible journal is to be as creative as possible to make the information studied more memorable. Writing, doodling or decorating pages with pictures from magazines or children's Bibles are encouraged. While each journal is personal, mistakes can be covered with White Out or correction tape. Alternately, washi tape can be used to turn a mistake into a work of art, or a picture can be glued on top of it.

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