How Do You Create Interactive Smartboard Lessons?

How Do You Create Interactive Smartboard Lessons?

Create interactive Smart Board lessons by using the product’s Lesson Activity Toolkit. This file contains a collection of games and exercises designed to introduce interactivity and engagement into classroom instruction.

To open the toolkit, click on the Gallery tab. The Lesson Activity Toolkit folder is just below the Gallery Essentials folder. Inside the toolkit are six sub-folders: Tools, Pages, Graphics, Games, Examples and Activities.

The Activities sub-folder contains blank exercises that you can fill with your own content. The Examples sub-folder contains pre-built samples that show what some unfinished activities look like, while the Games sub-folder contains things like dice, crosswords, cards and board games. The Graphics and Tools sub-folders contain individual buttons and items you use to create original activities from scratch.

The easiest and quickest way to get started is to select one of the pre-built examples and customize it with relevant lesson content. Clicking on the Notebook Files and Pages menu item in the Examples sub-folder displays the icons for all the different activities.

Try out a given activity by dragging it onto the work area and modify it by pressing the Edit button. You can change the example text and pictures and adjust features such as the number of images, rows or columns on a page.