How Do You Create a High School Diploma for Home-Schooled Students?


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To create a high school diploma for a home-schooled student, purchase a blank diploma, either from a retail store such as Staples or online. As of 2015, the Home School Legal Defense Association offers a preprinted diploma and diploma case for sale online at HSLDA.org.

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Alternatively, the website DonnaYoung.org offers free, printable diploma templates in various formats and fonts. You can also create a diploma using high-quality blank stationary and software such as Microsoft Publisher or Microsoft Word. The format of the diploma is less important than the information it contains.

If you decide to create your own diploma, state at the top that it is a high school diploma, and then write the graduate's full legal name. Below that, add language that attests to the fact that the above-mentioned person has completed a course of secondary education successfully. The person who supervised the student's studies, typically one or both of his parents, then signs and dates the form.

If the child is applying to college, a written transcript that details the course work he completed and the grades he achieved while studying at home is necessary as well. The Home School Legal Defense Association offers transcript templates in various formats and video tutorials about preparing transcripts and calculating the child's grade for each course.

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