How Do You Create Health-Related Lesson Plans for Kids?


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You can find many great resources for health-related lesson plans for children at the U.S. Department of Education website, under the Federal Resources for Educational Excellence Program. Using these educational materials, you can create interesting and educational lesson plans on a variety of health-related topics.

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A number of different educational materials on different topics are available at Kids.gov. Among the many resources available on this site are articles on topics such as understanding death, different types of diseases and disease prevention, and self-care topics such as the importance of brushing one's teeth.

Parents and educators can use these topics as a starting point for developing lesson plans that cover these topics. Many websites also offer free, interactive games and videos on these topics, including the website of the Smithsonian Institute. These topics can be supplemented through the use of handouts, worksheets, and fact sheets, which are all also available on these government-sponsored websites.

Those looking for health-related topics may also choose to search through Science.gov. This website includes a variety of resources on a number of different science-related topics, including health. When using any of these resources, parents and educators may need to do additional research to find appropriate ways to test to ensure that children have accurately learned about these topics.

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