How Do You Create a Graduation Certificate for a Preschool Student?

To create a graduation certificate for a preschool student, teachers can search online for a free graduation diploma template, download or print it out and then fill in any information needed on the certificate. Some online resources that offer free templates of this type are and

Both and have a variety of different styles and designs of free preschool graduation diplomas or certificates. Both sites also offer teachers the ability to customize the graduation certificates. However, while there is a fee to customize the certificate at, no fee is necessary at The process of creating these graduation certificates is simple and takes only a few minutes.

To print a non-customizable template from, click on the template without the photo. Print out the certificate given as a PDF file. Fill in the child's name, school name and date by hand. Sign the certificate in the indicated space.

To print a customized preschool graduation certificate from, click on the template with the photo to customize the certificate. Enter the student's name, school name and date. Add the child's photo and sign the certificate. Click on the "Print" sign located at the top of the certificate when ready to print out the customized certificate.