How Do You Create a First Grade Writing Rubric?

How Do You Create a First Grade Writing Rubric?

A first grade writing rubric may assess a student's sentences, capitalization, punctuation, spelling and legibility. The rubric may also include the ability to use nouns and verbs. To write a proper sentence, a noun and a verb must be present, along with proper capitalization and punctuation. Counting the number of correct sentences may give an idea of where and how the student faces writing difficulty.

To create the rubric, determine what will be the benchmark for each categorization. For example, one uses four categories: above expectation; meets expectation; below expectation; fails criteria. Punctuation may scale on correct use of periods, question marks and exclamation marks.

Spelling and word choice focuses on the student's correct spelling of words and being able to use different words appropriately. Assuming students had access to a dictionary or resource, this category may be less relevant.

Legibility looks at handwriting and format. Determine whether the student indented at the beginning of new paragraphs, formatted and spaced words correctly. Failing this category would be an illegible assignment, one with irregular spacing or sloppy handwriting.

Use of nouns assesses whether students used plurals correctly and capitalizes proper nouns. Correct use of verbs analyzes tense, such as knowing when to use "-ing" or "-ed" as suffixes.