How Do You Create an Effective Study Plan to Prepare for Exams?

To create an effective study plan, utilize a planning calendar and separate the material by difficulty before you decide how to divide your time most efficiently. Alternatively, use My Study Life, a website that students can use to create schedules of classes and assignments, make up study plans and set reminders. Evaluate the amount of material, its difficulty and the amount of time you have left, and schedule your study sessions accordingly using the website.

To create a study plan manually, buy a calendar or a planner, and mark the days of your exams and any extra classes that your teacher may give. Make a list of the chapters that you've covered in each course, and write the difficulty next to each chapter to estimate how much time you might need. To figure out how much time you have for each chapter, divide the number of days by the number of chapters. It may be a good idea to leave an extra day in case you can't keep up with the schedule or decide to revise everything.

Adjust your schedule by allowing more time for difficult chapters and less time for easier ones. Plan the order for which you are going to study the chapters; it is better to study the harder topics first. After that, plan at what time you are going to study what. It is a good idea to spend a little time every day reviewing the previous material. To make sure you stay on schedule, set alarms on your phone to go off when the time for each chapter runs out.