How Do You Create a Coin Worksheet for Second Graders?


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Create a coin worksheet for second graders by first choosing the purpose of the sheet, such as teaching the values of coins or using coins as a means for strengthening mathematical concepts. Next, place images of coins on a blank document in a graphic design or word processing program.

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The first step to creating a coin worksheet for second graders is identifying to reason for its existence, as an effective worksheet helps to reinforce the concepts the students are currently learning. The purpose also heavily dictates the layout and design of the worksheet. For example, if the students are learning about currency and the monetary system as a whole, include images of coins in different denominations and add blank spaces where the students must write in the names of the coins. Similarly, if the purpose is to teach about the individuals on the obverse of the coin, ask the students to fill in the names of the people on each coin.

If the purpose of the coin worksheet is to teach math skills, use multiple coins and various operators to create equations. One problem could have a series of pennies, dimes and nickels with addition and subtraction signs interspersed between them, prompting students to find the sum of the coins. The worksheet could also test division skills by asking students to find the number of a specific coin within a monetary amount.

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