How Do You Create a Classroom Seating Chart?

How Do You Create a Classroom Seating Chart?

To create a simple seating chart online, go to Scholastic, and open the classroom setup tool. Choose the shape of the classroom. Choose the furniture in your class, drag it to the white field, and drop it in place. Next, put the desks in place. Type the students' names in, drag the circles with numbers, and put them next to the desks. There are other websites that also offer setup charts for free or with paid memberships.

Super Teacher Tools offers a seating chart tool that allows users to add up to 100 students per classroom and to upload photos of students.

On School Seating Charts, teachers can mark the students who talk a lot, and the tool seats them away from each other.

Happy Class considers the students' personal preferences toward each other when creating a seating chart. Users can put in students' relationships with their classmates, information on how well they work with each other and whether a student should be in the front or the back of the classroom. On a completed seating chart, users can see the level of happiness for each student in their seat.

Teachers can also create seating charts using Excel, or with just a piece of paper and a pen.