How Do You Create a Catchy Science Fair Title?

In order to create a catchy science fair project title, the title must be clear, precise, use readable fonts and make people interested in the topic. When creating a science fair project, one of the key factors to getting noticed is a catchy title, so it is very important to give the title as much thought as the project itself.

A science project title must convey what the project is about, but it can have a humorous or interesting twist to grab the reader's attention. No matter what title is used, there are some basic rules for creating a good title for any science project.

  1. Spell correctly
  2. Even if a science project is informative, interesting and entertaining, if the title is spelled incorrectly, that is likely the largest thing judges will notice.

  3. Use readable fonts
  4. It may seem like a good idea to use cool fonts, but often times if they are too fancy or too small they are unreadable. An unreadable title for a science project is cause for criticism from the judges.

  5. Center the title
  6. There are often three boards included in the science project backing, but the title belongs only on the center board. Avoid wrapping the title around all three boards, as the end result is visually distracting.