How Do You Create a Bibliography Using EasyBib?

How Do You Create a Bibliography Using EasyBib?

To create a bibliography using EasyBib, go to and select a type of source. Enter information to find the source, verify the citation format is correct and click Create Citation. After you've created all your citations, save the bibliography.

Source types include website, book, newspaper, journal and database, as of May 2015. The information you need to enter varies depending on the type of source. For example, you can cite a website by entering its URL or keywords related to it. If there are multiple options available, click Cite This next to the correct source.

Choose the format for your citation based on the type of source. EasyBib automatically populates certain fields with the available information. Correct any mistakes, and add information as necessary before creating the citation.

Once a citation is created, you can add another. After completing the bibliography, you can save it for later, share it or export it. Options for sharing the bibliography include emailing it or sharing the public link. Export options include printing it, saving it to Google Docs, or copy and pasting it.

With EasyBib, citations are created in MLA format. For other formats, such as APA or Chicago, an EasyBib Pro subscription is required. Monthly, yearly and lifetime subscription plans are available.