How Do You Create a Basic Lesson Plan Outline?

How Do You Create a Basic Lesson Plan Outline?

Create a basic lesson plan outline by writing down the class objective, how it connects to the course goals and an introduction used to inform students of the goals of the lesson. Follow up with the procedures and conclusion and leave space to note the effectiveness of the lesson and any changes that could be made.

At the top of the lesson plan, list the course name, date, any necessary materials and class announcements.

  1. Begin with the objectives
  2. List the class objectives. Limit the list to one or two items.

  3. Create overall course goals
  4. Link the lesson plan with the overall course goals to help keep the lesson on track.

  5. Develop a hook
  6. Come up with a writing prompt, question or other hook to focus the students' attention. Keep this activity short and to the point.

  7. Write the introduction
  8. Write the introduction that will be presented to the class. Explain how this introduction relates to the lesson and overall goals.

  9. Plan discussion questions
  10. List all activities and discussion questions needed for the lesson.

  11. Conclude the lesson
  12. Wrap up the lesson, reinforcing the objectives.

  13. Write final notes
  14. Leave space in the lesson plans to take notes outlining what worked in the lesson and what points could use improvement for next time.