How Do You Create an Attendance Form?

How Do You Create an Attendance Form?

Create a simple attendance tracking sheet in Excel or another spreadsheet tool. Alternatively, create class lists and track attendance using a specialized attendance app on a smartphone or tablet.

To create an attendance spreadsheet, begin by entering student names into the first column of the spreadsheet. For sorting purposes, it may be easier to enter first and last names into separate columns. If students have assigned numbers, enter them into the initial columns as well.

After entering student information, create columns for every day of the week. Weeks can be separated by blank columns, allowing teachers to track attendance for an entire grading period on one sheet. Copy spreadsheets onto additional tabs to create a single attendance document that can be used all year.

You can add smart features to attendance spreadsheets, such as tallying cumulative absences, and automatically color-code this information to easily identify students who habitually miss class.

TeacherKit, TeacherTool and Attendance2 are attendance tracking apps. TeacherKit allows teachers to mark students as absent, late, sick or present, and it offers automatic data backup. Attendance2 has similar features, and it allows teachers to import student information directly from Dropbox. Kinderlime is similar but is geared towards day care providers.