How Do You Create an Answer Key for a Test?


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Methods for creating an answer key for a test vary based on the system used to develop the test, but generally involve creating the test questions first and then ensuring that each item has an accurate answer. As of 2015, online tools available to help develop a test and answer key include Google Forms, Grade Cam and Catpin.

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Google Forms provides a free online program useful for teachers to create surveys and polls as well as to collect data. This program also assists in developing quizzes and tests with connected answer keys. Teachers enter questions using a form feature and then create a separate form to generate the answer key. The program works to compare the responses to questions with correct values on the answer key.

Grade Cam, an online test development and grading program, allows teachers to create an answer key as part of the test creation process. In this system, a teacher uses the answer key window to manually enter a correct answer for each item. Grade Cam then automatically generates an answer key that identifies the correct option for each test question.

Catpin is an another online test creation program designed for teachers that generates both a printable test with bubbles for correct answer selection along with answer keys for grading. Teachers use CatPin to create a test and answer key online and then print both the answer key and testing sheets for students to use offline.

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