How Do You Create an Annotated Bibliography?


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Create an annotated bibliography by locating credible sources, documents, periodicals or books to read and review that are related to the research topic of an upcoming essay or paper. Write a concise paragraph about the central theme of the article or book, explore the credibility of the author of the work, show how the piece is appropriate for the targeted audience and explain how the research is useful to support the topic.

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An annotated bibliography must include a citation of the works explored in the specified format that may follow MLA, APA or Chicago Style manuals. Many documentation styles require the citation is provided first with a hanging indent on the second line or the first line flushed left with the rest of the following paragraphs indented. The annotated bibliography is followed by several paragraphs that concisely detail the published material reviewed.

The body paragraphs of an annotated bibliography are designed to support why the piece of work is useful for further research and to provide depth to a writing assignment or published piece. The purpose of an annotated bibliography is typically to summarize the source, evaluate or assess the credibility of the author or information included in the piece or reflect on the usefulness of the source information.

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