How Do You Cram for a Test?

How Do You Cram for a Test?

To cram for a test, prepare a space to study, prioritize your study goals and scan the test materials as quickly as possible. Take notes while studying and make flashcards from the notes when you finish. Then, use the flashcards to test yourself.

  1. Prepare to study

    Before cramming, create a non-distracting place to study. Gather all the materials you need to study, and turn off any phones that may interrupt you. Then, make a list of all the materials you need to learn and organize it by the most important first.

  2. Study the material

    Scan through all the material in the book, all of your class notes and review sections of the book. As you scan through the material, make notes of anything that is important. Use memory tricks, like writing information multiple times and saying things out loud. For every 50 minutes you study, give yourself a 10-minute break to process the information.

  3. Review the material

    Once you've gone through all the study material, take your notes and turn them into flashcards. You can use the cards yourself or, if you have a friend in the class, you can quiz each other. If you think the test has essay questions, write down some sample questions and outline how you'd answer them.