What is covered in SSAT online practice tests?


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Online SSAT practice tests cover critical reading, mathematics and verbal skills. Test content varies by provider, but a practice test typically mirrors the content found on the Secondary School Admission Test, an assessment used to determine if a student is a good candidate for admission to an independent school.

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At the elementary level, the reading section of an online SSAT practice test includes questions designed to assess a student's ability to analyze passages, identify themes, make inferences and predictions, and identify the meaning of a word. The math section contains questions related to quadrilaterals, data analysis, plane geometry, probability and fractions.

The middle-level practice test contains content for students in fifth through seventh grades. The reading section asks students to locate details in a passage, recognize the main idea of a passage, identify the meanings of certain words and make inferences in relation to an assigned passage. The math practice test covers equations, algebra, variables, operations and probability. A student may also be asked to find the median or mode of a range of numbers, use Venn diagrams and tables to answer questions, or answer geometry questions.

The upper-level practice test is for students in grades eight through 11. The reading section asks students to determine authorial tone, find the meaning of a word based on context, make inferences and predictions, and identify the main idea of a work. The math section includes questions related to absolute value, solving word problems, finding the equation of a line, using exponents and recognizing trends.

The verbal section is similar for each version of the practice test. It covers analogies, synonyms and antonyms, homonyms and vocabulary. Middle-level and upper-level practice tests also include questions related to prefixes and suffixes.

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