What Is Covered on the HESI Admissions Assessment Nursing Exam?


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The HESI Admissions Acceptance Nursing Exam covers subjects such as mathematics, reading comprehension, vocabulary, grammar and science. There are four required sections of the HESI Exam, and an additional two sections that vary according to the prospective school of attendance.

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The HESI exams are administered by Health Education Systems Incorporated. The Admissions Acceptance Exams, also known as HESI 2A, have six sections and are made to test the basic knowledge of students in the health-related fields, according to Bench Prep. The required test sections are Mathematics, Reading Comprehension, Vocabulary and General Knowledge, and Grammar. The final two sections are chosen by the school the student desires to attend, but could potentially include Science, Learning Style, Personality or Decision-Making Skills.

In the Mathematics section, the student must know basic arithmetic, fractions, decimals and general math facts, explains Bench Prep. In Reading Comprehension, students show comprehension of the main idea, author's purpose and forming conclusions. For the Vocabulary and General Knowledge section, students are tested on basic vocabulary commonly used in health care fields and communication. Finally, for Grammar, the student should know parts of speech and important terms and errors. To prepare for the last two sections of the HESI Admissions Acceptance Exams goes, the student should call the prospective school to inquire about expectations.

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