What Is Covered in FIN 370?

What Is Covered in FIN 370?

At the University of Phoenix, FIN 370 is all about business finance. There are several important financial subjects that are covered in FIN 370, including finance and analysis, working capital management, financing and many other areas of business finance. At other universities, a course with this code may cover different topics.

The University of Phoenix course starts with an introduction to business finance and financial analysis. In the first section, students learn basic terminology and study financial markets, how financial markets operate, the financial environment and financial ratios and how to interpret them.

Financial planning is an important topic that students cover in FIN 370. Financial planning normally consists of the following subjects: the definition of financial planning and how it differs from other types of planning, financial statements, break-even analysis, cash flow, and present value and future value.

FIN 370 would be incomplete without working capital management and capital budgeting. These are the two most important parts of FIN 370. In the working capital management and capital budgeting section, class participants normally study techniques, accessing projects, risks associated with each project, the decision to buy or lease and how to make budgeting decisions successfully.

Financing is also covered in FIN 370. It includes both long-term and short-term financing, and it covers both local and international financing.