What Are Some Courses in Visual Merchandising?


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Courses in visual merchandising include Fashion History, Design Fundamentals, Textiles and Fabrics, Business Management, and Marketing Principles. Students also take courses focused on visual merchandising basics such as designing store layouts and strategic retail settings.

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Students enrolled in a visual merchandising program are exposed to courses that help them visualize fashion combinations and displays. Fashion history courses prompt students to think about fashion trends throughout history and the merger of fashion, culture and politics. A textiles and fabrics course exposes to students to different types of materials and fabrics needed in visual merchandising. Students examine dyes, fibers, finishes and yarns and apply the knowledge to retail store displays.

The fundamentals of design is a core concept for students studying visual merchandising. Students are encouraged to explore and create materials, fabrics and methods that tie to visual imagery in retail settings. Lessons on typography are common as students learn how to choose the correct style and type size to make merchandise more enticing to consumers.

Business management courses focus on planning and managing elements of visual merchandising such as furnishings and security, store layout, and design and traffic patterns. Marketing courses are designed to help students analyze economic and social factors that affect sales and the marketplace as a whole.

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