What Are Some Courses in Special Education?

Some courses in special education include those that focus on teaching strategies for a specific type of disability, psychology behind learning disabilities and instructional design. Although special education courses are found in both undergraduate and graduate teacher education programs, they are especially common in graduate education programs, including those at New York University and the University of Cincinnati, note the institutions' respective websites.

Special education teaching strategies courses might focus on a certain kind of special need, such as autism, or they may focus on an age group or level of disability such as early childhood students or those who have multiple severe disabilities. Such courses teach about tools and teaching methods teachers can employ to help the students learn, and other topics might include inclusion, advocacy and assistive technology.

Special education courses about the psychology of learning disabilities can discuss teaching methods along with the history of disabilities, issues in education around disabilities and controversies that the education field faces. Other psychology-related courses include those covering applied behavioral analysis as an intervention, ways to help children improve their social skills and the use of psychological assessment for disorders.

Instructional design special education courses focus on how to develop a curriculum that is appropriate for diverse learners and the types of assessments that should be used to determine whether students are meeting their learning goals.