What courses are required for high school seniors?


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The required courses for high school seniors vary by state and by district, but they typically include English and math as both are usually four-year requirements. Other possible requirements are science and social studies.

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Most high schools operate on a credit system whereby students have to accrue a certain amount of credits to graduate. Credit requirements categorize the requirements by subject, including language arts, math, science, social studies, arts and physical education. For instance, the state of Ohio required the following credits: four language arts, four math, three science, 3.5 social studies, two world languages and one arts, as of 2015. Districts determine how many total credits are required for graduation. Students use electives in various subjects to make the additional credit requirements.

Seniors supplement their core requirements with electives according to their history and goals. For instance, if students have failed any required classes, they must make them up by the end of their senior year to graduate on time. Students who plan to go into a trade, such as mechanics or cosmetology, sometimes split their day with courses related to that field. College-bound seniors supplement their workload with college preparation classes. Some take Advanced Placement classes, for which they earn college credits, while other students simply take electives that appeal to them and afford them a relatively easy workload their last year of high school.

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