What Courses Are Required for CNA to RN Programs?


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CNA to RN programs have required courses that teach knowledge and theory, as well as courses for clinical and laboratory training. The knowledge classes include science and anatomy courses, nutrition and nursing theory. The clinical training courses cover IV administration, how to draw blood and how to improve communication skills.

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Many accredited community colleges offer CNA to RN programs. A CNA may also become an RN by attending a three-year hospital RN diploma program or by completing a bachelor's degree in nursing from a four-year college or university. Some programs take into consideration previous CNA training, while others do not. Programs that do may require less time to complete. While each type of program has different requirements, the basic science, anatomy and clinical training requirements are similar.

After completing a program to become an RN, it is required by every state that nurses obtain a license before practicing. While the state requirements to obtain a license may vary slightly, each type of RN program is designed to prepare its students for the exam.

As of 2015, programs offered through a community college cost an average of $3,000, while university programs can cost as much as $10,000. Neither alternatives include the cost of books, supplies or uniforms.

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