What Courses Are Related to Human Resources?


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Courses related to human resources include business administration, accounting, statistics, information technology and office software. Those interested in ascending to human resources director positions may also consider foreign language and public speaking courses, according to Study.com.

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A bachelor’s degree is a prerequisite for nearly all human resources positions; higher level positions may require a master’s degree. Many schools offer undergraduate degrees specifically for human resources, either a BA or a BS. A degree in a related field, such as business administration or management, may also be applicable.

Human resources employees also typically need to have core classes in subjects such as accounting and statistics. Many human resources positions also require mastery of a variety of computer software, including accounting, payroll, time tracking, resume submission and spreadsheet programs. Human resource employees should have knowledge of these and other modern office programs. Internships are also beneficial, as even most entry-level human resources positions require some experience in the field.

Depending on the industry or a business’ location, employers may desire human resources directors who are bilingual and can better communicate with foreign clients and employees. Public speaking can make human resource directors more effective when they train new employees and present lessons to groups.

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