What Are Some Courses Recommended for Senior Citizens?

What Are Some Courses Recommended for Senior Citizens?

Senior citizens have the opportunity to take college courses in any discipline. Some of the most popular courses include computer, humanities and culture, photography, writing and literature courses. Many seniors opt to take arts and crafts courses or attend seminars on history and politics.

Senior citizens may also choose to take wellness and fitness courses, such as aerobics, aqua courses, yoga and integrative health seminars that focus on the relationship between the spirit, body and mind.

Courses focused on learning new technology are also a popular choice for senior citizens. Basic computer courses teach skills to help senior citizens learn to store and manage data and navigate software applications. Advanced computer courses may focus more on e-mail programs, social media platforms and Internet navigation.

Creative types may opt to take art classes that teach the basics of drawing, painting, sculpting and taking digital photographs. Craft courses may include knitting and sewing. For seniors interested in travel and culture, language and current affairs courses are typically a popular choice. Dance and music classes also appeal to the aging creative individual.

Many senior citizens seek information by taking courses on insurance procedures, tax laws, retirement planning, financial planning and investment opportunities. Self-help courses on nutrition, mental health, care giving and grief are also course options for seniors.

Many colleges and universities offer discounted tuition for senior citizens as well as the opportunity to audit courses for free.