What Are Some Courses at Point Blank Music School?


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Point Blank Music School has courses in music production and sound engineering, singing and songwriting and music business at its London branch. The school offers Intro to Music Production: Ableton Live course at its Los Angeles branch and online courses in mixing and mastering.

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Students can take short courses, certificate and diploma courses in music production and sound engineering. The courses include audio mastering, which is a three-month course that teaches and develops mastering skills that can work in different settings and music production and sound engineering course, which covers the creative techniques involved in music production.

Singing and songwriting short courses teach students about the vocal techniques used by professional artists and the processes involved in song composition. The singing course covers breathing and diction, live performance and voice projection techniques while the songwriting course covers chord progressions, song analysis, writing lyrics and useful music theory.

Point Blank’s music business courses are for students who want to work in finance-related fields in the music industry. The courses equip students with knowledge of the workings of the industry and the roles of record companies. Students also learn about new media, digital distribution and event management.

The Intro to Music Production: Ableton Live course is for disc jockeys who want to become music producers. The course teaches students to produce and mix tracks using audio, MIDI and effects. Topics include system requirements and soundcards for Ableton and making beats using Drum Rack.

The online courses in mixing and mastering cover audio mastering and mixing dance music using Logic Pro and Ableton Live. Students learn the techniques used by professional sound and mastering engineers.

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